A former Partner tries since some time to defame egm and it technologies. All what they try to spread is untruth and we won against them and their supporters all court cases so far. For further Info please not hesitate to call us.

Our Vision


We live in a world that is vastly interconnected. Our world is not only a connection of networks between human beings, communities, nations and corporate organisations, but a world where humans and nature co-exist through an inseparable link in order to survive. By right, the understanding of ecological co-existence should be practised by way of preserving nature at its best. However, in recent years, we’ve come to bear witness of nature’s rapid decay caused by man, which in turn questions how far long are we able to sustain our environment for generations to come.

Egm´s mission is to make the environment to be healthier, cleaner and better place for human being to live. For this we are committed to bring revolutionary technologies which have significant impact to the World. Today, the World is concerned about CHG emissions, in particular the Global CO2 emissions levels. There are no real cures for these problems and the costs soars into hundreds of billions just to keep the emissions leveled. We took a dramatic approach to the problems, where we believe that CO2 is indeed a major source of benefits to mankind, rather than harmful. Is this possible? To us the answer is YES and our technology is the answer.

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